Tom Allon Reports: $250K Raised So Far

Manhattan Media publisher Tom Allon announced that he has raised a healthy $250,000 in his longshot bid to become the city’s next mayor.

It is also worth noting that although $250,000 is a significant sum, especially for a first time candidate, it is far below what the other mayoral contenders have received, most of whom are close to maxing out (if they have not already done so.)

Mr. Allon said that he $100,000 in the last filing period and added another $150,000 in this one, most of which came in he said in the past month.

Full announcement below:
With more than 600 donors and more than $250,000 raised and pledged to date, the Tom Allon for Mayor campaign has exceeded its mid-2012 fundraising goal.

The campaign is also eligible for an additional $300,000 in public matching funds and is on track to qualify for $2 million in the coming year.

“When I announced last year my intention to run for Mayor in 2013 I had three clear goals to reach by this July: receive the backing of the Liberal Party, get consistent coverage by the major media and to raise at least a quarter of a million dollars in small donations from all five boroughs to prove my strength as a pro-business, economic justice and education reform candidate,” said Tom Allon.

“I am proud to say we have accomplished these three goals already. Now I am focused on spreading my vision for how to grow our city’s economic base and make New York’s education system the best in the world.”

“With a surge in fundraising in the past two months, we are now on a trajectory to raise $2.5 million, including matching funds, in the next cycle.”

“My campaign is well on its way to being a very competitive one in 2013.” Tom Allon Reports: $250K Raised So Far