Weekend Roundup: Vito’s Steak; Cuomo’s Control; Romney in Israel

Here’s Jimmy Van Bramer’s official wedding announcement.

The New York Times discovered one of the most blatantly shady donors around. The donor, who’s been honored by the State GOP, bolted in the night during their inquiry.

Federal investigators are still looking into Gregory Meeks.

Larry Seabrook’s conviction draws attention to political club expenses.

Kevin Parker’s district might be the most unwinnable one in the state for a Republican like Mindy Meyer.

With over a million dollars in his campaign account, Vito Lopez used some of that money for fancy steak dinners.

Shawn Morse ratcheted up his campaign against Neil Breslin.

Bill de Blasio wrote an op-ed against the city’s ways of fining small businesses.

The New York Post glowingly praised Governor Cuomo’s Con Ed negotiations.

Reporters discussed “control freak” Cuomo on Capital Tonight.

“[T]ransparency clearly has its limits in Mr. Cuomo’s office and in his inner circle,” the Times editorialized. “‘You can’t live your life in a goldfish bowl,’ he says. That is true, of course, unless you are a prominent public servant who may have big ambitions.”

For its part, the Daily News opined, “Don’t believe the hype – McCarren Pool is safe, calm and keeping Brooklyn cool,” and endorsed Chick-fil-A’s “pretty delicious fried chicken sandwich.”

An NYPD officer is alleged to have been involved in a kidnapping.

Mitt Romney’s campaign faces both obstacles and opportunities in Israel.

His campaign suddenly barred the press from their Jerusalem fundraiser.

He visited the Wailing Wall and had a photo-op with Benjamin Netanyahu.

The goal is to lessen President Obama’s advantage with Jewish voters in the U.S.

Dan Senor, who once contemplating running against Kirsten Gillibrand, found himself cleaning up comments he made on Romney’s Iran policy.

A billboard ad compared President Obama to the Colorado shooter. Weekend Roundup: Vito’s Steak; Cuomo’s Control; Romney in Israel