Weekend Roundup: Weiner 2013; OWS Summer Camp; Obama’s Blistering Ad

Anthony Weiner is reportedly thinking about running for mayor public advocate in 2013. He has close to $5 million in his campaign account already. New Yorkers reacted, one called potential the move “pretty ballsy.”

Abe Fuchs announced his candidacy for Rory Lancman’s seat.

Craig Johnson said Democrats don’t have much of a shot for Owen Johnson’s senate seat.

Charles Barron edged out Hakeem Jeffries for write-in votes cast in other districts. Grace Meng got 25 votes in the GOP U.S. Senate primary though.

Jeffries discussed the significance of his win with the Daily Beast.

“We’re really not doing anything in the House at this point in time, we’re in the silly mode,” said Rep. Joe Crowley.

Nan Hayworth said of her opponent’s lack of residency in the district, “Facts are facts.”

Mayoral candidates are editing their own Wikipedia pages.

Jim Clyburn visited Staten Island to support Mark Murphy.

The South Street Seaport caught on fire.

Occupy Wall Street has a summer camp, in Williamsburg.

The New York Post is happy that geese around JFK are “finally cooked.”

The Daily News urged Governor Cuomo to avoid a political pick for the state’s highest court.

McCarren Park’s pool needs about 40 police officers in the afternoon, causing Jimmy Oddo to ask, “How many cops are across the entire borough of Staten Island during an afternoon??”

President Obama’s campaign took off the brass knuckles and unleashed a subtly scathing ad.

The ad contained complex audio tactics to make his opponent’s voice sound creepier.

Mitt Romney and his wife sat down for an interview with Oprah.

He repeated that he won’t be releasing additional years of tax returns.

The Boston Globe reported additional evidence on Romney’s conflicting Bain Capital narrative.

Obama didn’t let pouring rain slow him down in a campaign speech.

His twitter account and his actual being sometimes take different roles.

Penny Pritzker has taken a dialed back role in the reelection campaign.

Facebook is embracing the business the election brings.

Nate Silver analyzed the new voter identification laws, and concluded they’ll have an impact. Weekend Roundup: Weiner 2013; OWS Summer Camp; Obama’s Blistering Ad