Weekly Roundup: Week of July 2

TRENTON – Call it a political stunt. Call it a plea to give residents a break on their ever-increasing property taxes.

The debate about the special session called up by Gov. Chris Christie will go on, but the bottom line is undebatable.

That is, nothing happened.

Democrats were quick to call it theater, labeling it as a chance for Christie to prop himself up more as the perfect running mate to the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Democrats made the case they have offered middle-class tax cuts, but Christie rejected them, largely because those tax cuts are incumbent upon reinstating the millionaire’s tax.   

During Christie’s speech to the joint session, he asked for them to open up the board and vote right then for the property tax cuts he wants.

That did not happen.

Instead, after the speech, Christie filed out of the Assembly chamber, the Democratic leadership in the Assembly and Senate held respective press conferences to criticize Christie’s speech, and Republican lawmakers held a press conference of their own to back up their boss and chastise the majority party for ignoring tax cuts.

Christie will now carry out his promise of reminding voters across the state throughout the summer that Democrats blocked his immediate tax relief proposal.

Democrats said they will simply ignore the taunts. They said they have the smaller than expected revenue increases as justification to hold off on providing a tax cut right away.

As Senate Budget Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo, (D-36), of Wood-Ridge, said following the special session, the need for immediate tax relief doesn’t yet pass the smell test.

Weekly Roundup: Week of July 2