Weiner on 2013 Speculation: ‘It’s A Clown Story, Bro’

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Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is reportedly “desperate” to return to politics, and, accordingly, stories have been circling in recent days about him potentially running for mayor or public advocate in 2013. Adding to the speculation is his campaign war chest of over $4 million, meaning that few can deny that he’d at least have a significant impact for either citywide race.

When Mr. Weiner was asked to comment on this speculation by the Wall Street Journal, he wrote in an email, “It’s a clown story, bro.”

The cute comment is, of course, reference to Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper, who famously charged a reporter with asking a “clown question, bro.” Mr. Weiner is hardly the first politician to make hay of the remark either; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeated Mr. Harper’s response verbatim not long after they were originally made.

Despite Mr. Weiner’s insistence that he’s not eyeing a political campaign, the reports continue to pile up. The New York Times noted that his friends and former staffers believe he does truly want to return to politics while, according to the New York Post, Mr. Weiner’s wife is urging him to do a tell-all interview to clear the air.

Many are skeptical, however. Mr. Weiner’s Twitter sex scandal continues to exist in the minds of editorial pages, for example, and the city’s two tabloids both slammed the former congressman’s potential aspirations this morning. Even some of his previous donors are skittish at the idea, with one telling Crain’s that he “would be happy to speak about anything other than Mr. Weiner.”

Weiner on 2013 Speculation: ‘It’s A Clown Story, Bro’