Which Media Power Couple Are Doomed to Be the Next Albrecht Muth and Viola Drath?

Journalist Viola Drath

It’s Friday, it’s 90 degrees out…we don’t want to spend the rest of our afternoon putting out fires here at The Observer. Still, it’s worth mentioning that the New York Times profile today of Albrecht Muth and Viola Drath, the “social ponzi schemers” who rose to prominence in the 90s based on little more than elbow grease,  fake stationary and humble-brags about Henry Kissinger (“When I speak German to Henry Kissinger, he starts talking like a little boy” is something we all aspire to put in our Twitter bios) does lend itself to speculation on who will be the new “Worst Couple in Georgestown.”

Except it will be “The Worst Couple on 5th Ave.”, or possibly “The Worst Couple of the Aspen Ideas Festival.”

Since the creator of the Eminent Persons Group funded by George Soros (ballsy!) and his wife did not end up in the best of places– he was 44 years her senior, had shady ties to American and Iraqi organizations, and his paranoia had turned them both into Howard Hughes-like recluses — it would be too incendiary to just name a couple to take their place.

Not to mention that the reason for the new couple would be last year’s  mysterious murder of the 91-year-old Ms. Drath, which Mr. Muth was eventually charged with, though his mental instability has kept him from trial. (Tareq and Michaele Salahi immediately pop to mind, though they are the tamer, reality-show version.) So how about you just go through our Power Couples list and name your favorite suggestions below! Or hey, make up your  own fantasy Muth/Drath combo.

But you know, without the murder part.

Which Media Power Couple Are Doomed to Be the Next Albrecht Muth and Viola Drath?