Who’s Going to the Secret Path Party Tonight?!

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Path, the intimate San Francisco-based social networking app for your actual friends (no scare quotes necessary), is cozying up to its East Coast counterparts this week. On Wednesday, the startup is hosting a shindig at Macao Trading Post in Tribeca, presumably to celebrate last week’s release of Version 2.5 and smooth over any lingering privacy concerns among New York’s digerati.

But you didn’t expect an app that once limited your social sphere to just 50 people would be short on exclusivity, did you?

Betabeat just caught word of a “small dinner” the company is hosting at 8pm tonight at Mas Farmhouse, a French farmhouse by way of West Village. “We are bringing together an intimate group of founders, CEOs, and friends across a variety of industries,” says the invite. We take that to mean to the usual suspects, i.e. high-profile 32-year-old founders and investors, minus walking stand up act Ben Lerer, since he’s apparently dining with Barack Obama tonight. (Unless, of course, IT’S THE SAME PARTY.)

We were trying to figure out if Path cofounder and Facebook mafioso Dave Morin was in town to assess the voltage of tonight’s guests, but he hasn’t friended us on Path. Guess he’s taking that “high-quality network” stuff seriously. Who’s Going to the Secret Path Party Tonight?!