Who’s the next mayor of Trenton?

By SHAHEED MORRIS The parade of mediocrity has already started. City entrepreneur Patrick Hall announced last week that he will run for Trenton mayor in 2014. 

Hall’s declaration was held on the steps of Trenton Free Public Library. Approximately 50 or more friends and supporters joined him. 

Hall will never be mayor, but he insists upon wasting his time, money, and energy. He will likely take votes away from more quintessence candidates, similarly, to the 2010 municipal election that witnessed ten candidates run for mayor. 

With name recognition and deep rooted city-ties, former county Freeholder Tony Mack prevailed with the most votes (2800) forcing him into a runoff special election. In the runoff, Mack defeated Manny Segura by a landslide victory. Segura, a Latino candidate. Historically, Trenton votes among racial lines. Fifty-six percent of the city’s voting demographics are African Americans. 

Mayor Mack is finished, even if he manages to survive a FBI investigation. He’d never get re-elected mayor with his long-list of missteps and mismanagement. 

The next mayor of Trenton will be either one of these two candidates: Eric Jackson or Jim Golden. 

If the U.S Attorney delivers Mack his last rites, Golden will be a strong candidate, with his extensive career in law enforcement, including on the local, state, and federal levels. A message of cleaning up City hall would resonate among city voters. 

Jackson, the city’s former public works director came four votes shy of facing Mack in the 2010 June runoff. He now works for the city of Plainfield serving as their public works chief. Jackson still maintains his Trenton residence and is well-known throughout the city. 

Neither of the two candidates that I have mentioned has announced their candidacy for office. These are simply my inclinations. 

Shaheed Morris is a Trenton resident and 2010 volunteer for the Jackson campaign
Who’s the next mayor of Trenton?