Williamsburg Hipsters Sound Off On Bedford Avenue J.Crew

The horror! The horror! (ammanners, flickr)

With luxury buildings like the Edge and women in Isabel Marant dresses partying at the Wythe Hotel, we thought that Williamsburg denizens no longer harbored any illusions about living in neo-Bohemia.

Apparently we were wrong! Racked has put together an amazing slideshow of man-on-the-street interviews about the rumored opening of J.Crew on Bedford Avenue.

Despite the fact that more than a few residents admit to shopping at J.Crew, or knowing someone who shops at J.Crew, most are a little bit uncomfortable about the purveyor of preppy chic coming to the neighborhood. Because, you know, Brooklyn is all about buying your preppy chic clothing at local boutiques or carefully-curated thrift stores.

Some say they’re not down with chain stores, because chain stores are bad, except for chain stores that they like.

“I think it’s stupid because there are plenty of interesting places to shop around here, and there are lots of cute boutiques,” a 25-year-old man wearing a sleeveless shirt with a German beer logo told Racked. “I’m down for Bedford not having another chain store, except I’m pretty excited for Whole Foods.”

Others expressed relief that they might actually be able to buy a t-shirt for under $60, something that they say has been difficult since the departure of the Salvation Army.

And, in true Williamsburg fashion, others didn’t know what the hell was up because they’d just moved to the neighborhood three days ago.

We just hope that Racked makes interviews with hipsters a recurring feature.

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