With Fundraising Numbers In, Queens BP Race Heats Up

As 2013 fundraising numbers trickle in, they reveal a tightening race for the job of Queens borough president.

Jose Peralta, a State Senator, is set to announce today that he has raised $60,000 since March, with $51,000 on hand. This remains a far cry from Peter Vallone, Jr., the Queens City Councilman who has raised over $1 million and  has over $800,000 on hand, but Mr. Vallone has been raising since before term limits were extended in 2008.

City Councilmember Leroy Comrie has also been raising for the race since 2008, but he has raised only  $52,000 and spent half of that.

Queens is one of the most diverse counties in the nation. According to the most recent census, just over a quarter of the borough’s residents are white, and so if both Mr. Comrie and Mr. Peralta run strong races, it could split the non-white vote and allow Mr. Vallone an easy victory. The chances of both Mr. Comrie and Mr. Peralta were greatly improved when Grace Meng, a State Assemblywoman, won a contested primary for a Congressional seat in the eastern half of the district in June.

Mr. Peralta’s entrance into the State Senate was hailed, after he defeated Hiram Monserrate, who had been booted from the legislative body for getting into a violent confrontation with his girlfriend. Mr. Peralta’s filing reveals that he has the backing of some big names in New York, including Association for a Better New York chairman Bill Rudin, CUNY vice-chancellor Jay Hershenson, and Democratic donor Victor Kovner.

With Fundraising Numbers In, Queens BP Race Heats Up