A.I.R. Gallery Studio Visit Lottery Deadline Extended to Aug. 15

(Courtesy A.I.R. Gallery)

Inspired by its “One on One” sessions from the 1980s, A.I.R. Gallery’s Studio Visit Lottery gives artists a shot at a one-on-one visit with an art critic, curator or gallery director. And for all those artists who are terrible with deadlines, rejoice, as the deadline has been extended to Aug. 15.

The studio “visitors” this time around are Mary Burmingham, curator of the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Wendy Olsoff, co-owner of P.P.O.W. Gallery, and critic and art-blogger Paddy Johnson. These bigwigs will stop by your studio for 45 minutes, look at your work and give you some personal attention and critical feedback.

Winning artists will be chosen on Thursday, September 6, during the opening reception for A.I.R. Gallery’s new season, which will present exhibitions of the work of Jisoo Lee, Marie Sivak and Sylvia Netzer.

The entry fee is twenty bucks, you get up to ten entries, and it’s an easy form. All proceeds, after the visitors have been paid, go to benefit A.I.R. Gallery, founded in 1972 as the first artists-run gallery for women in the U.S., and to furthering its mission of supporting the status of women in the arts. And anyway, you may already be gearing up for the Brooklyn Museum’s first crowd-sourced exhibition, in which case you’ve been working away and making your studio spiffy. A.I.R. Gallery Studio Visit Lottery Deadline Extended to Aug. 15