Abe George, Joe Hynes Trade Barbs

Brooklyn voters won’t have to decide if they want to send Charles “Joe” Hynes back to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office for another year, but already the six-term incumbent is sparring with challenger Abe George.

The trouble began when the Bed-Stuy patch ran an interview of Mr. George, in which the former Manhattan prosecutor suggested that Mr. Hynes’ office was “stale, reactionary and ineffective:

“Hynes has been more about politics and not justice,” George bemoans, pointing to recent allegations that Hynes softens prosecution of questionable sex crimes within the Orthodox Jewish community— a powerful voting bloc. He also claims that Hynes fails to adequately address the root of the growing gun violence in places like Brownsville, East New York and Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

In a separate article, Mr. Hynes fired back:

He pointed out that George, who is not yet on the ballot, “has never held a single supervisory position in law enforcement.”

“I wish we would have waited until we have ballot access, instead of giving him any kind of platform when he has no understanding of the issues,” said Hynes.

“In the 22 years that I’ve been privileged to have this job, I have enacted policies that have led to an 87 percent reduction in violent crime in Brooklyn. My record is very solid in several areas, including an aggressive community outreach in an addition to several programs reducing recidivism and incarceration.”

Hynes, pointed out, his office has convicted more corrupt public officials and judges than any prosecutor in New York’s history, including Assemblyman Clarence Norman, Jr. in 2005 and Assemblywoman Diane Gordan in 2008 and three judges.

Yesterday, Mr. George contacted The Politicker to respond, tying Mr. Hynes not just to a rising crime rate, but to a rising political corruption rate, particularly as it surrounds Brooklyn County Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez.

I am sure District Attorney Hynes would prefer to wait a year to address the problems in his office, but the people of Brooklyn cannot wait for his inaction. I have lived in Brooklyn my whole life and have been a prosecutor for the last 8 years — I am well aware of the issues. Gun violence is out of control. Brooklyn has led the city in homicides and shootings since 2005, with Bed-Stuy, Brownsville and East New York bearing the brunt of that violence. Mr. Hynes hardly ended political corruption when he convicted the former Brooklyn democratic boss, just to install his own guy, Vito Lopez, who rules with impunity. Mr. Hynes claims he does not run a political office, then how does he explain his protection of pedophiles at the expense of our children only to garner votes? Let Mr. Hynes run on his legacy. I am running for Brooklyn’s future.

Your move, Mr. Hynes.

Abe George, Joe Hynes Trade Barbs