Moot Returns to the 4Chan Fold to Launch Q&A Feature

More moderation is coming to the flagship meme site.

Moot (Photo: Austin 360)

4chan is either the beginning or the end of the Internet, depending on who you ask. The beginning camp points out that so much of the content on Reddit and Buzzfeed originated in 4chan’s message boards. The end of days camp merely shakes their head and points to /b/.

The polarizing message board clocked its billionth post today, prompting Moot (née Christopher Poole), to post a news update to 4chan for the first time since 2008. The fearless leader of the original meme factory, who can occasionally be seen at parties around town clutching his backpack, offered some insight about the changes over the last four years. He also announced a new recurring feature that would allow 4chan users to engage in a more direct dialog with him.

Today I’m pleased to announce /q/ – 4chan Discussion. Our earliest users will remember the “/q/ – Questions” image board from back in 2004, and the “/sug/ – Suggestions” discussion board from 2005-2006. Both served as a place where users could discuss the site amongst themselves and with the team, and in that spirit, I plan to host regularly scheduled Q&A sessions (think PMQs) and use /q/ as a venue to interact with and collect feedback from the community.

4chan will also be reinstituting janitors–its equivalent of a moderator–to combat what is, according to Moot, a “lack of consistent moderation and communication from myself and the team.” Does that mean fewer dick pics? …Nah.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that one Betabeat reporter attempted to access 4chan from a nearby golf club (while on assignment!) and it was blocked. Manhattan Woods Golf Club: no shirt, no trolls.

Moot Returns to the 4Chan Fold to Launch Q&A Feature