Alec Baldwin Gets to Read From Hamptons Pulpit; Congregation Turns en Masse

Church-goers give Baldwin the evil eye (NBC)

Poor Alec Baldwin! Not only is the recent Vanity Fair cover guy better known for his hot head than for his new, cool marriage to Hilaria Thomas or his role on 30 Rock, but it turns out most of the country refuses to accept Mr. Baldwin as the last word on their lord and savior as well!

Mr. Baldwin, who has an eight-acre spread upstate, often goes to Sunday services at Trinity Parish in East Hampton during the summer. And because he is a celebrity, he is allowed to give sermons from the pulpit. (Is that how Christianity works?)

Except that some uptight parishioners were not so happy with Mr. Baldwin’s recent sermonizing, and literally turned their backs on him while he read.

From Page Six:

“Alec loves to be the center of attention and often reads from the pulpit, which really annoys some in the congregation. It is so bad that, one recent Sunday, he went up to read, and part of the congregation stood and rudely turned their backs on him.”

The source said, “Even though he has generously given a lot of money to the town, there are people who just don’t like him. He has a need for attention and shows up at every event. When people go to the church, they don’t want to see the movie star up there.”

That is so rude … if Mr. Baldwin gave the money to the church from his highly successful show 30 Rock, the least the members could do is show some respect and listen to him!

Besides, who would you rather deliver your Sunday-morning Jesus allegory: some boring priest, or the guy from the Capital One commercials?

Alec Baldwin Gets to Read From Hamptons Pulpit; Congregation Turns en Masse