Artist Installs Underwater Statues to Protect Coral


The New York Times had a story today about the artist Jason deCaires Taylor, who since 2009 has installed some 500 sculptures under the sea at the Museo Subacuático de Arte near Cancún, Mexico.

The project is aimed at protecting the area’s coral reefs. The statues are meant to distract scuba diving tourists from other nearby reefs and also encourage new reef growth.

More from the piece:

Purists may shudder at the idea of altering the sea in any way. But Mr. Taylor, who uses marine-grade concrete specially prepared to entice coral and be close to neutral pH, notes that the exhibit inhabits but a fraction of the sea.

“It’s like putting a sculpture in the Sahara,” he said, contending that the works contribute to the greater good of preserving the natural reef by diverting divers away from it.

Artist Installs Underwater Statues to Protect Coral