Biden’s Prediction Mitt Would Put People ‘Back In Chains’ Draws Rebuke From The Romney Camp

Joe Biden (Photo: Getty)

Just five days after Mitt Romney’s campaign manager said President Barack Obama’s re-election team had reached “a new low” with super PAC attacks, the Romney-ans are claiming the Obama campaign has reached a new “new low” after Vice President suggested Mr. Romney’s economic policies would enable banks to put people “back in chains.

“After weeks of slanderous and baseless accusations leveled against Governor Romney, the Obama Campaign has reached a new low. The comments made by the Vice President of the United States are not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama Campaign will say and do anything to win this election,” said Mr. Romney’s spokeswoman, Andrea Saul in a statement. “President Obama should tell the American people whether he agrees with Joe Biden’s comments.”

Mr. Biden made his chains prediction at a speech in Danville, Virginia when he discussed Mr. Romney’s plans to scale back some of the Obama administration’s financial industry reforms.

“Romney wants to–he said in the first 100 days, he’s gonna let the big banks again write their own rules,” Mr. Biden said  “‘Unchain Wall Street!'”

According to NBC reporter Carrie Dann, Mr. Biden lowered his voice before continuing.

“They’re going to put you all back in chains,” he said.

Ms. Dann also hinted Mr. Biden’s remarks could have been seen as an allusion to slavery by pointing out that “Danville city is about 48 percent black, according to 2011 census numbers” and that the audience for Mr. Biden’s speech “reflected the area’s demography.”

In his speech, Mr. Biden also discussed Mr. Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.

“This is a good thing, a good thing for the country that we have this stark, stark choice,” Mr. Biden said after referencing Mr. Ryan’s signature budget proposals.

Biden’s Prediction Mitt Would Put People ‘Back In Chains’ Draws Rebuke From The Romney Camp