Bill would afford immunity to rescue, first-aid squads

TRENTON – Bills involving first-responder squads, eye drop prescriptions, and government contract fraud have been introduced.

S2165: This bill, sponsored by Sens. Christopher Bateman, (R-16), Branchburg, and Anthony Bucco, (R-25), Boonton, would clarify that rescue squads are immune from civil damages.

Current law provides immunity to volunteer squads and their members.

But the proposal points out that paid rescue or other first-aid squads are not explicitly provided the same protection. Their officers and members are, but the entities themselves are not.

This bill would protect the entities, as well as the officers and members, from liability for civil damages as a result of an act committed while performing life support services in good faith.

S2166, This proposal, sponsored by Sen. Sam Thompson, (R-12), Old Bridge, would require health insurers to provide coverage for refills of prescription eye drops.

An identical bill, A3080, was introduced in the Assembly in June. It requires coverage and establishes two conditions: the refill does not exceed the original prescription, and the physician indicates on the original prescription that additional quantities are needed.

S2167, sponsored by Sen. Shirley Turner, (D-15), Lawrence, this bill would permanently bar someone from government contracts if the person has been convicted of fraud involving government contracts.

The Attorney General would maintain a list of those permanently banned. Businesses seeking government work would have to supply written certification that they have not been prohibited from such work.

  Bill would afford immunity to rescue, first-aid squads