Booting Up: Ignore the Stock Price Edition

(Photo: Wikipedia)

As part of a campaign to make the Yahoos focus on things like product and customer satisfaction, as opposed to frantically emailing out resumes, Marissa Mayer has banished company’s stock price from the front page of its internal website. [Wall Street Journal]

Zynga’s COO has left the building. [Bloomberg]

In his follow-up to ripping Facebook a new one for the way it treats third-party developers, Dalton Caldwell sounds a little defensive. [Dalton Caldwell]

Big fancy brands like Starbucks and Nike love Instagram just as much as that one friend of yours who’s always posting pictures of her meals. [The New Web]

You can now opt into a free trial that integrates your Gmails into your Google results, in case you’d like to wade through a decade of emails to get the information you’d like. [AllThingsD]

Meanwhile, Google has to start all over again on the Nexus Q. Bummer. [New York Times]

Booting Up: Ignore the Stock Price Edition