Bravo Cancels ‘Work of Art’

The cast and producers. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

The Bravo network has decided not to renew the art world reality show Work of Art for a third season. The producers of the show, which had aspiring artists compete in Project Runway-style challenges for fame, fortune and a show at the Brooklyn Museum, are now shopping it to other channels.

Despite having a premise that focused on outsiders, the show had the endorsement of a number of art world insiders. It was hosted by China Chow, daughter of Michael “Mr.” Chow, and had as its regular judges Simon de Pury, Bill Powers, Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn and Jerry Saltz.

Dan Cutforth of Magical Elves, which produces the show, said that he’s already had interest from other networks and believes that, as was the case when he brought Project Greenlight to Bravo from HBO, the show’s message could endure a transition to a new channel.

“I feel like the show had something to say about the art world,” Mr. Cutforth said in a phone interview. “I feel like there’s a slow upswing right now in interest in art and I think that what we set out to do with the show was make art feel accessible, feel not like it was part of an elitist world or in some unobtainable ivory tower. We really tried to make it clear that art is purely subjective and everyone has their own opinions about it. I think that’s still true and that that’s a valuable message.”

Bravo Cancels ‘Work of Art’