Buono takes administration to task over non-release of monthly reports

TRENTON – At least one senator is displeased that the Christie administration has not released full Treasury reports on tax revenue collections for June and July.

Sen. Barbara Buono, (D-18), Metuchen, fired a volley over the withholding of information.

“We have to assume that revenue collections for the last two months are once again coming in below Governor Christie’s overly optimistic projections,” Buono said in a release today.

“If the numbers were good, they would already be on YouTube. Obviously, he doesn’t want the truth about New Jersey’s revenues to come out before the Republican National Convention because it would show that his ‘New Jersey Comeback’ is a public relations fantasy.”

On Wednesday, the governor’s office issued a release stating that the collections of gross income, corporate business, and sales taxes for July 2012 compared to July 2011 were up 3 percent.

However, no other figures were issued. 

The governor’s office and Treasury have not commented on whether more detailed figures will be released.

And Buono says that’s a problem.

Buono noted that Christie’s own executive order requires the Treasury Department to publish detailed monthly reports on state revenues.

“How can Christie be running around the state calling for an immediate tax cut when he won’t be honest about whether revenues are coming in on target? Fortunately for New Jersey taxpayers, the Democratic leadership in the Senate and the Assembly were responsible and insisted that we wait to see the revenue numbers before approving a tax cut,” Buono said.

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Buono takes administration to task over non-release of monthly reports