Candidate Touts Being Poor and Underemployed

Adam Bermudez (Photo: Facebook)

Well, that’s an interesting pitch.

In his latest statement, Adam Bermudez, a long-shot candidate running against incumbent Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera in the September 13th Democratic primary, doesn’t tout his professional experience, but rather the lack of it. Mr. Bermudez claims he’s confident he’ll get donations from “progressive Democrats” because he’s “a poor underemployed candidate.”

To bolster his argument, Mr. Bermudez referenced Ms. Rivera’s father, an assemblyman as well, who ran while on unemployment decades prior.

“I am inspired by Assemblyman Jose Rivera’s moxie in the early 1980s to run for office and win while on unemployment,” Mr. Bermudez, who worked most recently gathering signatures for Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s ultimately unsuccessful congressional bid. “As a poor underemployed candidate beginning to fund-raise now, I know that progressive Democrats will aid in my fight to be chosen as the real Democrat on September 13.”

Ms. Rivera faces off multiple challengers, including Irene Estrada-Rukaj and Mark Gjonaj. Mr. Gjonaj, who has raised an impressive amount of money and has already been garnering some establishment support–hard to do while running against an incumbent–is the leading candidate to potentially unseat Ms. Rivera.

Mr. Gjonaj’s likelihood of doing so may have increased in recent days, as the New York Post has battered Ms. Rivera in story after story after it broke the news last weekend that she had a secret Facebook page with details suggesting she gave her boyfriend a full-time job in her office at the same time he had another full-time government job.

Ms. Rivera denies any conflict of interest and said the job was only part-time. Speaker Shelly Silver has backed up her version of the events, but that reportedly conflicts with state government records. Update: The Comptroller’s office writes in, “Media accounts indicating that Thomas Torres was a full-time legislative employee are incorrect. Mr. Torres is in the New York State payroll system as a part-time staff person for the period of his employment by the NYS Assembly. “

Candidate Touts Being Poor and Underemployed