Cannes Sensation The Paperboy Drops Kidman-Tastic Trailer

Cineastes who love Nicole Kidman but not her decor and restraint have something to look forward to; The Paperboy, Lee Daniels’s follow-up to Precious, has its U.S. trailer, and Ms. Kidman has dropped her chilly reserve. Here, she dons skimpy dresses and dances with an underwear-clad Zac Efron (another actor reinventing himself in the pulp thriller) while flirting with her behind-bars boyfriend (John Cusack, the third star playing against type). The film drew cheers and boos at this year’s Cannes festival–not least for a scene, not shown in the trailer, wherein Ms. Kidman urinates on Mr. Efron. Even the pull-quotes featured in the trailer seem somewhat bewildered. Also, onetime pop star Macy Gray has a pivotal role. We’re refreshing Fandango until we can buy our ticket!

Cannes Sensation <em>The Paperboy</em> Drops Kidman-Tastic Trailer