Christie again calls on Akin to resign

NEW BRUNSWICK – Gov. Chris Christie said today he doesn’t particularly care about the Republican Party platform, which has been in the spotlight again on the issue of abortion, and Christie again called on Missouri Congressman Todd Akin to resign.

The abortion issue came into light again after Akin made a controversial statement regarding abortion and rape.

“What I care about is what my positions are,” Christie said, adding he’s not going to fall into the trap of being pigeonholed as too moderate for the GOP.  

“I’m a Republican,” he said. “Beyond that label, I’ll take father, son, husband, brother.”

He said Akin should resign from public life, not so much because of the “incomprehensive” statement, but for his beliefs.

“I listened to the video three times,” Christie said. “It is some of the stupidest stuff I ever heard in my life.”

“I’m offended by what he thinks,” he said. “My problem is that he thinks it.”

Despite the current hoopla, Christie doesn’t believe this will have any repercussions on the presidential race by hurting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He added he is more concerned about crafting a good speech as keynote speaker Tuesday night.

“My guess is this is going to be an old story (by convention time).”

  Christie again calls on Akin to resign