Christie calls Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comments ‘asinine, ridiculous’

ASBURY PARK – Gov. Chris Christie left no doubt how he feels about the “legitimate rape” comments made by a Missouri congressman.

“it’s absolutely an asinine, ridiculous statement by the congressman,” Christie said during a press conference today. “He should be ashamed of himself.”

Republican U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, who is seeking a U.S. Senate seat, in discussing his opposition to abortion, made comments that if a woman is being raped, she somehow can prevent getting pregnant.

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” he said.

The comment has generated nationwide criticism.

“I find it reprehensible,” Christie said today.

Also, state Sen. Joe Kyrillos, (R-13), Middletown, sharply criticized Akin’s statement today.

“Like many I am outraged by Representative Todd Akin’s remarks regarding pregnancy and ‘legitimate rape’ – they have no place in our public discourse,” said Kyrillos.

“But beyond my concern for our national public discourse, I am saddened and disappointed as a husband and a father to a 10-year-old daughter. Not only are Representative Akin’s comments about a horrific act of violence wrong and inappropriate, he and I disagree on the issue of abortion, generally.”

Akin said in the interview that he opposed abortion, even in instances of rape.

Christie calls Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comments ‘asinine, ridiculous’