Christie denies re-election vital part of his legacy

TAMPA – Prodded by about his political plans, Gov. Chris Christie said he hasn’t yet decided about running for a second term next year.

He said the outcome of the presidential election will have no bearing on his decision.

“No,” he told reporters, “because I don’t want to be in a Romney cabinet.”

The decision, said the Republican governor, will be based on “whether it’s the right thing, not based on, ‘Do I want to.”

He expressed his desire to make the decision with his family, relying on their input.

Asked if Newark Mayor Cory Booker is the only credible candidate who the Democrats could run against him, Christie said, “I don’t know. Everybody has to make their own decision about whether to run.”

Three Democratic County Committee chairs told that Booker or his political advisor Mark Matzen had approached them to let them know he is weighing a run for governor and would reach a decision by December. 

Despite his comments about not seeing re-election as a vital part of his gubernatorial record, a source close to the governor said Christie very much intends to run and throughout his tenure has laid the mechanical groundwork to win despite a lopsided advantage of Democratic over Republican registration. Christie denies re-election vital part of his legacy