Christie to deliver GOP Convention keynote

USA Today first reported this morning that Gov. Chris Christie will give the keynote address at the Republican Convention in Tampa later this month.

Christie told USA Today he intends to make an “emphatic” argument for the GOP ticket.

Christie said his 20-minute speech will focus more on the advantages of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney than the negatives associated with incumbent President Barack Obama.

He told the paper he is already on the fourth draft of the speech, “grinding away on it” over the past few days since Romney asked him to do the job.

Democratic State Party Chairman John Wisniewski immediately panned Romney’s choice.

“Just as he has at Romney fundraisers and public appearances around the country, Governor Christie will go down to Tampa and tout a ‘Jersey Comeback,’” Wisniewski said. “He’ll tell a national audience a fairy tale about New Jersey, giving himself credit for things he didn’t do and things that haven’t happened yet. Don’t be fooled. His ‘Jersey Comeback’ is a myth.  His three years in New Jersey have been a disaster.  If Mitt Romney thinks Governor Christie’s record should be highlighted as a model for this country, Americans should be very worried.”

From the other side of the aisle, N.J. GOP Chairman Sam Raia praised the announcement.

“It’s no surprise he was selected for the keynote speech – he has unapologetically implemented the common sense conservative polices he campaigned on and they are making New Jersey a better place for everyone. From implementing historic reforms to lower the cost of government, to reforming education to serve every child in our state, to tackling the property tax crisis caused by the Democrat leadership over the last decade, Governor Christie has proven time and time again that he is the transformational leader he said he would be.”   Christie to deliver GOP Convention keynote