Collectors Claim New York Gallery Swiped Their Rockwells

Norman Rockwell, ‘Concert on the Steps of a Plantation, Study,’ 1934. (Courtesy Artnet). (This work is an example of the work of Norman Rockwell and is not in dispute.)

Two art collectors allege that a New York-based gallery swindled them of four paintings by Norman Rockwell, the Courthouse News Service reports.

The collectors—Larry Kritcher, of Florida, and Eve Thyrum, of Texas—claim that in 1995, they consigned five paintings to Manhattan gallery Illustration House, the defendant, and while one was sold in 1996 for $9,000, of which Mr. Kritcher and Ms. Thyrum received $7,785, they haven’t heard a peep from the art dealer about the other four works for 16 years.

From the story:

“Kritcher’s calls were ignored,” the complaint states.
The plaintiffs say they hired a Florida lawyer in April, whose letter was ignored as well. In May, they say, a second attorney got no response to a certified letter, though an Illustration House an employee received it and signed with the name “Longenbach.”
“Defendants have perpetuated a fraud against plaintiffs, acted maliciously, and have committed the crime of larceny,” the complaint states.

Collectors Claim New York Gallery Swiped Their Rockwells