Cuomo Backs Some Form of Gun Control for Next Session [Video]

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At a press conference earlier today, Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed strong support for a comprehensive gun control package for the next legislative session, especially in the light of the recent mass shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado, but he’s not very sure one what that might look like yet.

“It’s an issue I’ve worked on for many, many years,” he said. “I think the gun violence has reached an undeniable point where it’s hard for anyone to refute the damage that’s being done. I do believe it’s time to find what else we can do and explore what else we can do. We have a number of legislative proposals that I think we’ll be taking up in the next legislative session.”

Mr. Cuomo declined to specifically get behind State Senator Michael Gianaris’ various proposals however. Mr. Gianaris, a Democrat, recently backed legislation that would limit handgun purchases, extend waiting periods, and expand background checks, but Mr. Cuomo instead stressed the need for a “consensus package” when asked about them.

“You know I support micro-stamping,” he said, citing one contentious bill — defeated earlier by the Senate’s Republican Majority — to imprint identifying marks on bullets. “The Senate has proposals, the Assembly will have proposals. And I look forward to the next legislative session discussing all legislative proposals and seeing if we can come up with a consensus package.”

If the Senate Republicans maintain control of their chamber, that would likely have a significant impact on what that consensus would look like. The National Rifle Association has historically been involved in lobbying state legislators to kill gun control measures, but they wield the most influence within GOP circles.

Watch below:

Cuomo Backs Some Form of Gun Control for Next Session [Video]