Governor Cuomo Prepares to Hold Epic Yogurt Event

(Photo: Wikimedia)

Governor Andrew Cuomo loves yogurt.

When the Giants were facing off against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Mr. Cuomo bet Massachusetts’ governor “46 cases of one of the State’s newest and hottest exports- New York made Greek yogurt” on the outcome, and the word “yogurt” has appeared in at least a half-dozen press releases so far this year. And that’s without even mentioning Lt. Governor Bob Duffy’s love for the dairy product.

The latest expression of yogurt support is Mr. Cuomo announcing the details of his yogurt-focused “business summit” for tomorrow, the extensiveness of which indicates an unusual amount of pomp and circumstance will accompany the Albany event.

“All members of the media wishing to attend are required to have proper credentials, which can be requested via email at,” the afternoon announcement explained. “Please include the name of your media outlet, reporter, videographer and/or photographer. Media check-in begins at 9:00AM.”

Those wishing to park television trucks will need to contact an entirely different government staffer even more information, including the driver’s name, licence number, cell phone, licence plate number, anticipated arrival time, and anticipated departure time.

For those who can’t meet those specifications, never fear, the event will also be webcast on

The festivities begin at 10 a.m.

Governor Cuomo Prepares to Hold Epic Yogurt Event