DC37 Endorsements Out

The gigantic municipal labor union DC37 came out with its endorsements today, and the list contains a few surprises.

As already noted here, the 121,000-member union endorsed Olanike Alabi in her race against Walter Mosley, who is backed by the man they are vying to replace, Hakeem Jeffries. And the gr0up is also backing Guillermo Linares, who is trying to oust incumbent Adriano Espaillat. And in Queens, the union went with Jerry Iannece, who is running to replace Rory Lancman, and Ron Kim, who is running to replace Grace Meng. Otherwise, the union sticks with incumbents, even some with  spotty records like Naomi Rivera and William Boyland.

It is hard to know what impact these endorsements will have. DC37 has a huge membership base but is fairly disorganized politically–many locals do not even know that they are a part of the union. In a Congressional primary in June, Charles Barron got its endorsement and went on to lose by 50 points.

Full list below:

77th A.D.          Vanessa Gibson

78th A.D.          Jose Rivera

80th A.D.          Naomi Rivera

86th A.D.          Nelson Castro

87th A.D.          Luis Sepulveda




42nd A.D.  Rhoda Jacobs

55th A.D.   William Boyland, Jr.

57th A.D.  Olanike Alabi

58th A.D.  N. Nick Perry

60th A.D.  Inez Barron


25th A.D.  Jerry Iannece

38th A.D.  Michael Miller

40th A.D.  Ron Kim



31st S.D.   Guillermo Linares


10th S.D.  Shirley Huntley

16th S.D.  Toby Ann Stavisky


18th S.D.  Martin Malave Dilan


33rd S.D.   Gustavo Rivera

DC37 Endorsements Out