Dems applaud higher-ed reorganization signing

TRENTON – Lawmakers weighed in with support for the higher education reorganization bill signed into law today.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver praised the signing. “This law will provide for the future growth and development of Rutgers-Newark and the expansion of graduate medical education in Newark, creating a focal point that will serve residents from throughout the state.

“The reorganization will position New Jersey to develop economic opportunity and jobs in the health professions – the fastest growing sector of our nation’s economy – to the benefit of not just Newark and surrounding counties but the state as a whole. This is a good thing for everyone.”

Assembly Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski  said the law will “elevate educational opportunities for all New Jersey students, regardless of where they live.

“The law signed by the governor is far different from what he first proposed and thus is actually workable and better for our students, families and taxpayers. Providing New Jersey students with the resources they need and deserve to pursue their dreams in New Jersey is the right thing to create a better future.”

Assembly Budget Chairman Vincent Prieto said that “Our goal is to give New Jersey students the top-notch higher education opportunities they deserve, and that’s what this law aims to accomplish. This opens to the door to new opportunities for our students and state.”

And Assembly Higher Education Chairwoman Celeste Riley said “For too many years, our state’s students have been denied the full state support and resources they need to pursue those dreams, but this law puts New Jersey on track for a brighter future.” Dems applaud higher-ed reorganization signing