DiDonato-Roth Concedes Ballot Challenge, Cools Down

Diane DiDonato-Roth, who was running a feisty primary challenge against Republican Bob Cohen as they were both seeking to replace outgoing Westchester Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, has thrown in the towel. Mr. Cohen challenged her signatures and it seems that she just didn’t meet the threshold to be on the Republican primary ballot. Notably, Ms. DiDonato-Roth’s conciliatory announcement stood out as being amazingly kind to Mr. Cohen relative to everything she’s sent out since.

“Being a shady millionaire can buy you a lot of things” Ms. DiDonato-Roth declared when Mr. Cohen first challenged her signatures in court. “Bob thinks he can buy this election… But the one thing he can’t buy is a time machine to go back into his shady past and bury all the skeleton’s he’s trying to hide from the voters of Westchester… Whether they be his corrupt relationship with the Land Lord Lobby(RSA)… The inhumane way he treats his tenants… Or the time back in 1995 when Bob was shot due to his ties to Organized Crime.”

But the rhetorically heavy charges didn’t stop there. At another points in the campaign, she’s called him “Scarsdale Bob,” “bought and paid for by special interests,” and straight out of “Tammany Hall.”  At yet another moment, she accused him of spreading rumors that the Democrat in the race, Assemblyman George Latimer, was having an affair.

“The only people this kind of gutter politics hurts are the innocent family members of all accused – they include the spouses and children who did not ask to be part of any Cohen campaign of personal destruction,” Ms. DiDonato-Roth said in the statement condemning the alleged rumor-mongering. “Bob Cohen should be ashamed of himself, should apologize to the families of those involved, and immediately retract his wanton and hurtful assertions.”

But in her statement today, she calmly indicated that she would be endorsing Mr. Cohen in his election.

“I just spoke with Chairman Colety and informed him I will not be challenging the courts decision today to uphold the signatures on my petitions.” she said. “I also informed the Chairman that I will fully support all of our Republican candidates in Westchester. It is vital that we address rising property taxes and declining job numbers and the Republican party is the only party with the sensible solutions to make this happen.”

She concluded, “It has been an honor to travel to every neighborhood in our district and hear the concerns of our constituents over the last six months and I have one last message to all the people who supported me in this endeavour:… I’ll be back!”

Her withdrawal sets up a direct one-on-one match between Mr. Latimer and Mr. Cohen in what is sure to be one of the hottest State Senate elections in New York come November.

DiDonato-Roth Concedes Ballot Challenge, Cools Down