Foursquare Hires a Yahoo To Help Run Sales

In the hopes of someday makin' it rain.

Mr. Wilk (Photo: Twitter)

Hot on the heels of introducing promoted updates, the company’s first real revenue product, Foursquare has poached itself a brand new VP of sales. Rob Wilk (who endearingly self-identifies as a “search nerd” in his Quora profile) comes to the company from Yahoo. Marissa, isn’t the first order of business to stop the bleed?



Mr. Wilk will be working closely with chief revenue officer Steven Rosenblatt, who was poached from Apple’s iAd in May. Together, the two will build on the company’s sales team and continue to develop promoted products, like the monetizable new updates.

A Foursquare spokesperson tells us:

Before joining foursquare, Rob directed a team of 60 employees tasked with driving optimal search performance for some of Yahoo’s biggest advertisers with revenue on pace to exceed $1 billion. A 17+ year veteran, Rob joined Overture (now Yahoo!) as one of the company’s first 10 employees in the New York office.

Which raises the question: Given that he’s already doing a Best Buy ad and Vanity Fair photo shoot, how on earth is Dennis Crowley going to celebrate if Foursquare ever reaches those kinds of revenue numbers?

Foursquare Hires a Yahoo To Help Run Sales