Fraud is Easy to Do (Doesn’t Hurt if You Work in Fraud Prevention)

The former interim head of fraud and security for digital banking at Lloyds Banking Group pleaded guilty to fraud and money-laundering today, according to a statement from the Crown Prosecution Service. Jessica Harper submitted false invoices between 2007 and 2011 totaling $3.76 million, and used the funds to help family members purchase property and to renovate a second home in France, according to press reports.

“Jessica Harper has today been convicted of the type of crime the bank employed her to combat,” Sue Patten, head of the CPS Central Fraud Division said in the statement. “Harper was expected to safeguard the financial interests of the bank. Instead, she submitted false invoices totaling more that £2.4 million over a period of four years. She has also pleaded guilty to laundering the funds of the fraud.”

Ms. Harper will be sentenced next month and faces a prison sentence of as much as 24 years. For those of you who don’t work in fraud prevention, and do believe us when we tell you that fraud is easy, we’d like to direct you to this helpful web video from Brian Fox, founder and chief marketing officer at (Mr. Fox aims to stop financial crime. Who better to learn from?)

[youtube] Fraud is Easy to Do (Doesn’t Hurt if You Work in Fraud Prevention)