FYI, Ashton Kutcher Is Said to Be the Most Influential Tech Investor On Twitter

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Mr. Kutcher at TechCrunch Disrupt. (

That’s according to some number crunching from PeekYou, anyway. The company has debuted a new analytics service and, to promote the product, took the time to rank Twitter’s top 1,000 most influential tech investors. CEO Michael Hussey explained the methodology to VentureBeat: 

Unlike Klout’s engagement rankings, PeekAnalytics’ rankings derive from “the quality of your audience,” Hussey said. If you multiply the amount of followers someone has by the amount of people in the followers’ networks, you get a “pull quotient,” by which you can rank audience quality.

Hm, okay.

A few more, well, interesting findings:

  • Al Gore (Generation Investment) sits comfortably within the top ten, at number 8. Please, no jokes about the invention of the Internet.
  • At number 16, Tim Ferriss (who, when not touting his fitness strategies, makes angel investments in companies like Twitter and Posterous) outranks hometown hero Fred Wilson, who comes in at 18.
  • Kevin Rose, in his new home at Google Ventures, outranks both of them at 10.
  • Anil Dash (no. 23) beats Michael Arrington (no. 27).
  • There are only two women–newly minted Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior–in the top thirty. (Pause for sad trombone sound effect.)
  • It does not appear that any of PeekYou’s investors made the top thirty.

We propose a slightly different, more meatspace metric: How many people, on average, surround each investor at any given party? That’s where, as the kids say, shit gets real.

FYI, Ashton Kutcher Is Said to Be the Most Influential Tech Investor On Twitter