George Pataki Explains His Super PAC’s Lackluster Fundraising


Pataki. (Getty)

Earlier this year, former Gov. George Pataki launched a Super PAC aimed at tilting the many competitive U.S. House races in New York toward the Republican Party. He claimed millions of dollars in pledges with expectations to raise “in the high seven figures,” or, “if things go well, in the low eight” in total funds. But he’s not close to that number so far, according to last month’s federal filing, he’s raised only $30,000, spending about $750 total. After a press conference endorsing Wendy Long’s senatorial campaign this morning, however, Mr. Pataki told The Politicker he still expects to make an impact.

“I’m still very hopeful,” he said of his donors coming through for his Super PAC endeavor. “The people aren’t focusing on the House races at this point, understandably, and I haven’t been because I have a lot that I’m working on. We have plans down the road. We’re going to do our best to hit the seven-figure mark and see what we can do.”

“Hit the seven-figure mark” seemed a bit less than the “high seven” to “low eight” he assured the Wall Street Journal he would raise, however, and we inquired about the lower sum.

“I know one of the first rules of politics is to never give the number,” he said. “We’re still hopeful of raising the funds necessary to have an impact in the more than half dozen competitive U.S. House races that I know are going to be so important.”

We then asked if donors were simply not honoring their commitments.

“I’m sure they will. It’s August, it’s July and August,” he replied. “The election’s not far away, but you drive to New York, as I did this morning, it’s amazing how little traffic there is. I think post-Labor Day we’re going to see a lot more action.”

George Pataki Explains His Super PAC’s Lackluster Fundraising