Gigi Levy-Weiss and Israeli Angels Back Ad Platform Promodity

Free trial, but only for a limited time.

Mr. Levy-Weiss

Last summer, Betabeat documented the rising number of startups–particularly in the ad-tech space–with their base Israel, but a growing presence in New York. Today, Promodity, an advertising platform in that same vein, announced a $1.5 million angel round from investors, including Gigi Levy-Weiss. Mr. Levy-Weiss is a member of the investment group TechAviv Angels, which includes the founders of New York standouts Outbrain and Vringo as well as a cofounder of, the facial recognition technology recently acquired by Facebook

Promodity’s platform claims to help companies easily optimize multiple advertising campaigns at once, all from a single interface. It plugs into major marketing channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google AdWords, DoubleClick, and LinkedIn. The platform then tracks and measures things like pay-per-clicks, cost-per-impression, or placement on a content network and then pushes out the campaigns that work best to users.

From the dashboard, clients can create and design things like banner ads or online forums. The platform also plugs into e-commerce platforms like Magento, enabling businesses to set up targeted landing pages. In a press release about the funding, the company said, “The platform can track any resolution of marketing activity, from entire display campaigns to a single tweet.”

The funding will be put towards product development and marketing. To “celebrate,” Promodity is offering a “fully-fledged” trial to any user, which we take to mean access to the good stuff, for a limited time, of course. Gigi Levy-Weiss and Israeli Angels Back Ad Platform Promodity