Gov takes action on legislation


SS for S-199/ACS for A-789 (C. Connors, Bateman/Munoz, Coughlin, Casagrande, Schroeder, Conaway, Johnson) – Prohibits first responders from photographing persons being assisted or disclosing photographs of such persons without their consent

S-298/A-1759 (Pennacchio, Van Drew/Prieto, Singleton, Amodeo, Coughlin) – Revises statutes concerning dental hygienists and dentists

S-323/A-2561 (Whelan, Oroho/Singleton, Conaway, McHose, Wilson) – Permits county clerk or register of deeds and mortgages to create identification cards for certain veterans for certain purposes

S-876/A-2301 (Lesniak, Cunningham/Watson Coleman, Mainor) – Permits liquor licensees to employ certain ex-offenders in certain positions without a special permit

S-872/A-2951 (Cunningham/S. Connors, Diegnan, O’Donnell) – Authorizes certain incinerator authorities to perform sanitation, public works, and environmental services

S-965/A-2375 (Weinberg, Norcross/Johnson, Singleton) – Extends hiring preference for certain civilian federal firefighters

S-1323/A-2575 (Whelan/Burzichelli, Ramos, Amodeo, C.A. Brown) – Makes various changes regarding regulation of casino gaming; limits use of certain Casino Reinvestment Development Authority assets and revenues; permits use of mobile devices at casino and racetracks to place wagers on sports or athletic events

S-1562/A-3154 (Cunningham, Lesniak, Buono/Coutinho, Prieto, Ramos) – Increases amount of tax credits authorized to be issued under Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit program and extends application deadline

S-1755/A-2628 (Madden, Addiego/Rudder, Singleton, Oliver, C.J. Brown, Conaway) – Establishes the “New Jersey Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act”

S-1792/A-2559 (Sweeney/Burzichelli, Riley) – Provides supplemental appropriation of $4.141 million from Property Tax Relief Fund to DOE for aid to school districts with significant enrollment growth

S-1981/A-2877 (Whelan, Beck/Wilson, Schaer, Caride, Caputo, Coughlin) – Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2013

S-2000/A-2968 (Vitale/Wisniewski) – Authorizes State Treasurer to sell certain surplus real properties located in Township of Woodbridge, Middlesex County

S-2078/A-2895 (Sweeney, Beck/Burzichelli, Wagner, Eustace, Giblin, Dancer) – Establishes grant program to provide rebate of sales and use tax paid for purchase of certain materials and supplies used for construction of certain off-track wagering facilities

S-2500/A-3139 (Sweeney, T. Kean, Vitale/Oliver, Bramnick, Riley, Singleton, Coutinho, Giblin) –”Building Our Future Bond Act”; authorizes the issuance of $750,000,000 in general obligation bonds to finance higher educational capital projects for increasing of academic capacity; appropriates $5,000

S-2501/A-3141 (Sweeney, T. Kean/Coutinho, Lampitt) – Establishes new public-private partnership agreement option for construction of State and county college facilities and changes reference from “Commission on Higher Education”  to “Secretary of Higher Education” in higher education construction Educational Facilities Authority bond programs

SJR-36/AJR-64 (Weinberg, Greenstein/Singleton, Vainieri Huttle, Mosquera) – Designates June 2012 as “Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Awareness Month”

A-2876/S-1980 (Spencer, Fuentes, S. Connors, Tucker, Ramos, Coughlin/Greenstein, Bateman) – Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2013


SCS for S-782 (Weinberg, Cunningham) – CONDITIONAL – “New Jersey Hospital Disclosure and Public Resource Protection Act”

S-927/A-1880 (Van Drew, Sweeney/Milam, Moriarty, Conaway, Johnson) CONDITIONAL – Requires State Auditor review of certain Department of Corrections privatization contracts

S-945/A-2200 (Lesniak, Bateman/Chivukula) – CONDITIONAL – Imposes certain registration and reporting requirements to prevent illegal trade of tigers

S-1599/A-2646 (Vitale, Weinberg, Buono/Vainieri Huttle, Gusciora) -ABSOLUTE – Authorizes certain gestational carrier agreements

Gov takes action on legislation