Paintings by ‘Group of Seven’ Stolen in Toronto

‘Where the Eagles Soar’ (c. 1920) by Johnston, which is in the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario. (Courtesy AGO)

A number of paintings, including some by members of Canada’s famed Group of Seven, landscape painters active in the first half of the last century, have gone missing from dealer Phillip Gevik’s Toronto gallery.

The Globe and Mail has the story, which involves a broken window and a loss of some $50,000 worth of art by artists like Frank Johnston and Arthur Lismer.

It seems that Mr. Gevik has been the victim of art theft before, about three years ago. From the story:

“‘Last time it was two bricks, I still have them,” Mr. Gevik said of the missiles hurled through the front window of Yorkville’s Gallery Gevik, which specializes in work by established Canadian artists.

“‘This time it was a car jack, and they left that in the gallery, too.'”

Details about the works are available at the newspaper’s website. Paintings by ‘Group of Seven’ Stolen in Toronto