Halloran Pushes Back, Asks ‘What Does Grace Meng Have to Hide?’

Dan Halloran (Photo: Facebook)

GOP Councilman Dan Halloran certainly has no interest in forgetting about the arrest of former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng — the father of his Democratic opponent his current congressional race. After initially issuing a questionable claim of exactly how much money Mr. Meng raised for his daughter Grace at an unrelated political event, Mr. Halloran is now calling for Ms. Meng to disclose all of her campaign’s bundlers.

“What does Grace Meng Have to Hide?” a press release from his campaign asked this morning, with his spokesman Steven Stites adding, “If Grace Meng isn’t ready to disclose her finances, how can she be ready to represent us in Congress? Her campaign coffers are flush with special interest money. The people deserve to know who helped her raise that money. New Yorkers can’t help but wonder what Grace Meng has to hide.”

 A statement from Mr. Halloran himself further declared, “Americans are tired of politics as usual, and Washington has lost our trust. Full disclosure is the only way to restore that trust.”

The goal of the Halloran campaign, of course, is to try and get Ms. Meng’s campaign to voluntarily confirm reports that her father was involved in her fundraising operations. City & State previously asked the campaign to do exactly that, which they declined to do. Ms. Meng’s campaign spokesman Austin Finan did have some choice words for Mr. Halloran’s previous claims, however.

“Recklessly implicating and attacking an independent woman with a sterling reputation in an attempt to score cheap political points is distasteful and sad,” Mr. Finan told the publication. “Voters don’t want to be bothered with distractions and whining politicians who aren’t focused on the issues. They want representation in Washington that is focused on protecting the middle class, creating jobs and getting our economy on the right track.”

We’ve reached out to Ms. Meng’s campaign and will update if they have any additional response they’d like to provide.

Halloran Pushes Back, Asks ‘What Does Grace Meng Have to Hide?’