‘How Golden Lost The AFL’

That’s what a source titled an email to us with the flyer attached below.

The reference is to Republican  Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden, who lost the AFL endorsement today to Democratic upstart Andrew Gounardes. The flyer was, according to our source, circulating widely at the AFL-CIO convention today.

Mr. Golden has been a top Democratic target for years, but has always managed to get elected over the past decade, in part by playing well with labor unions.

As Liz notes, the endorsement could come back to hurt Mr. Golden:

Golden had the AFL endorsement in 2010. There’s a high percentage of union members in his district (I’m still awaiting a final number of that), where the Democrats have an overwhelming enrollment edge of 75,011 to 32,573.

The loss of boots on the ground to do go door-to-door, man call centers, do lit drops and other GOTV efforts will certainly be a blow to Golden. Whether it will be the tipping point, however, is unclear. Said my labor source: “This hurts…Marty will feel it.”

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