Shirley Huntley Touts Religious Support

Shirley Huntley (Photo: Facebook)

State Senator Shirley Huntley, facing challenger Councilman James Sanders in her Democratic primary, doesn’t seem like she’s ready to shed the Church-going vote anytime soon. In a press release sent late last night, Ms. Huntley rolled out the support of over two dozen church leaders, which comes on the heels of Mr. Sanders announcing the support of Rev. Floyd Flake. Mr. Flake, a former congressman, has over 23,000 members in his congregation and is one of the more influential political players in southeastern Queens.

“Senator Huntley has always maintained an open line of communication with the clergy community,” the press release declared. “She understands the relationship religious leaders have with community residents and believes that preserving that bond is essential to promoting unity throughout the borough of Queens.”

“The clergy are a vital part of ALL communities,” Ms. Huntley “concluded” in the statement. “The members of their congregation often communicate with their pastor about community issues before they go to their elected representative. This line of communication is key because it allows me to address issues that infringe on the quality of life of my constituents.”

The relative impact of these endorsements is hard to ascertain, but Ms. Huntley is undoubtedly eager to counter Mr. Flake’s support for her opponent in what could be one of the marquee races on September 13th. Mr. Sanders’ base in Far Rockaway was moved from a neighboring district into Ms. Huntley’s, which makes his electoral challenge significantly stronger than it otherwise would be.

View Ms. Huntley’s full list of support below:

Bishop Melvin Artis Greater Universal Highway Deliverance Church
Rev. Calvin Rice of New Jerusalem Baptist Church
Rev. Cordelle Newberry New Jerusalem Baptist Church
Rev. Henry Simmons of St. Albans Congregational Church
Bishop Charles Norris, Sr. of Clergy United for Community Empowerment
Rev. Phil Craig of Springfield Community Church
Min. Corey Terry of Antioch Baptist Church
Rev. Dr. Edward Davis of Presbyterian Church of Saint Albans
Rev. James Deleston of Mount Moriah Baptist Church
Rev. James Barnwell of Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Rev. Victor Hall, Sr. of Calvary Baptist Church
Rev. Edward Perry of Bethsalem Baptist Church
Rev. Matthew Singh of New Haven Ministries
Bishop Richard Moore, Sr. of Holy Unity Baptist Church
Rev. Ernestine Sanders of Evangelical Christian Church
Rev. Jeffery Thompson of Amity Baptist Church
Rev. Michael Corley of Gethsemane Baptist Church
Rev. Theressa Allen of Gospel of the Kingdom
Bishop Michael Baston of St. Luke Cathedral
Rev. Mary Beamon of Open Door Ministry
Rev. Alonzo Jordan Greater Covenant Missionary Baptist Church
Rev. Brenda Stallings of Temple of New Beginnings Christian Center
Rev. Stephanie Reynolds of Clergy United for Community Empowerment
Rev. Walter Thompson of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church
Min. Heide Wilcox of Open Door Ministry
Father Darryl F. James of Grace Episcopal Church
Elder James D. Williams of St. John’s Baptist Church
Rev. Dennis Loncke of Arverne Pilgrim Church
Apostle David Cockfield of Battalion Pentecostal Assembly Church

Shirley Huntley Touts Religious Support