Instagram Adds Photo Maps, Inspiring a Pandemic of Vacation Envy

Also added: Infinite scrolling, for those too lazy to hit “load more.”

Instagram’s new look. (Photo: Instagram’s blog)

Guess the tiny team at Instagram (still a mere 14 people) isn’t letting the legal maneuvering around their acquisition become a distraction. The company just released incarnation 3.0 of its mobile photo-sharing app. The crucial change: The addition of Photo Maps, a new feature that will allow users to organize their geo-tagged pics (and browse others’) geographically.

Inspiring travel envy among your friends has never been so easy.

The company blog proclaims:

With every major release, we pick a theme – and for this one we’ve focused on the browsing experience. We’ve introduced a new and unique way to browse your photos and others’ photos on a map, which means you’re no longer constrained to browsing through page after page of photos.

Facebook already has something similar, but let’s face it, automatic tagging is infinitely more appealing than doing it manually.

Upon updating the app, current users will get a chance to choose which old, already geo-tagged photos they’d like to port over to the new feature. So if you Instagrammed that entire July 4th trip to Philadelphia, now’s your chance to create a de-facto vacation album. However, if you’d like to keep anything buried–like, say, pics of your ludicrously opulent trip to Fiji–you’ll get a chance.

Tossed in with the big update are several other details, including automatic scrolling (no more “load more” button), tweaks to user profiles and the ability to report individual comments as abuse or spam.

Check the cutesy intro video for a walk-through of the new interface:

Instagram Adds Photo Maps, Inspiring a Pandemic of Vacation Envy