It Pays to Die While You’re Working for Google

From cradle past grave.

VonErickson’s Original Coffin Couch (Photo: Etsy)

Eighty-three percent of the self-destructive things humans do are motivated by a fear of death. That is a statistic we just made up, but we’re pretty sure it’s 99 percent accurate. Google, land of the legendary perks, has found a way to mitigate some of that burden, at least for the marrying kind.

In an interview with Forbes, normally Google’s press-shy Chief People Office Laszlo Bock revealed the GOOG’s latest perk extends well into the afterlife.

Said Forbes:

“Should a U.S. Googler pass away while under the employ of the 14-year old search giant, their surviving spouse or domestic partner will receive a check for 50% of their salary every year for the next decade. Even more surprising, a Google spokesperson confirms that there’s “no tenure requirement” for this benefit, meaning most of their 34 thousand Google employees qualify.”

Brb, marrying a dude from Google and then murdering him.

It Pays to Die While You’re Working for Google