John O. Bennett’s two favorite convention moments

ST. PETE’S BEACH – Newly crowned Monmouth County GOP Chairman John O. Bennett, a former Senate president, has been to seven Republican conventions.

He started as a young Richard Nixon backer in 1972.

But that wasn’t his most memorable RNC experience.

He lists 1988 and 1992 as his finest convention memories, both of them energized by the presence of New Jersey players.

“1988 was great becasue that’s the year Tom Kean gave his keynote address,” recalled Bennett. “1992 was memorable, too, because that’s the year (then Assemblyman) Jose Sosa addressed the convention. I remember we were all there going ‘Jose! Jose! Jose!'”

A Latino elected official from Burlington County, Sosa was in office seven months when he vaulted onto a national stage. anticipated an injured ego storyline in the aftermath of Bennett’s June victory over intra-party rival Christine Hanlon.

But it wasn’t there.

“Christine and I are friends, and she’s been so helpful,” said Bennet, whose party dominates Monmouth. 

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