Kyrillos announces plans to submit another teacher tenure bill

TRENTON – A Republican state senator announced a proposal for a new teacher tenure overhaul plan Thursday, less than a week after Gov. Chris Christie signed a bipartisan tenure reform plan.

Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R-13) said his new bill would accomplish more of the reforms the governor originally advocated for after announcing his plans to overhaul teacher tenure. Christie signed a bipartisan tenure reform bill Monday.

“By coming together to achieve landmark tenure reforms, this Legislature proved to New Jerseyans that it can indeed put students at the forefront,” Kyrillos said in a statement. “My new bill accomplishes full tenure overhaul, which is our best effort to both improve public education and lower property taxes.”

The new measure proposes to eliminate last-in, first-out seniority protections that he says force schools to ignore educator effectiveness and lay off high-performing younger teachers, instead of more expensive, ineffective ones; Require school districts to adopt merit-based compensation schedules, whereby public school employees are paid and retained based on their performances, contributions and growth; And allow school principals to assign teachers to classrooms where they will be effective.

“These reforms allow public school districts to run most efficiently and ensure the best teachers, administrators and staff members are educating and nurturing our students,” Kyrillos said. “I look forward to working with the support of the governor and colleagues from across the aisle, who just this week showed they can put the public’s needs ahead of politics.”

The proposal will be introduced at the next Senate quorum.

Kyrillos announces plans to submit another teacher tenure bill