Kyrillos camp deflects Dems’ barbs, attacks Menendez on economy

TRENTON – Sen. Joe Kyrillos’ camp deflected the criticism fired today by Democrats, and instead sought to redirect the debate toward the incumbent’s record on the economy.

“Senator Kyrillos immediately condemned Congressman Akin’s ridiculous remarks and pointed out the differences they have on the issue in general as Senator Kyrillos is pro-choice,” Kyrillos communications director Meaghan Cronin said in a release.

Democrats today sought to link Kyrillos to the comments made by Missouri congressman Todd Akin regarding “legitimate rape.”

Kyrillos’ camp pointed the focus elsewhere.

“But for women and all Americans, this election is about jobs and the economy and Senator Menendez’s abysmal record on both,” Cronin said.  “Bob Menendez wants to talk about anything other than the economy in order to distract from his failed record of high unemployment, skyrocketing debt, and the millions each week added to one form or another of public assistance. 

“Joe is committed to the policies that will help our state and our nation and will continue to work – as he has done in New Jersey – to grow the economy and create jobs – the two most important issues to women in this election.  Joe Kyrillos is committed to a New Jersey first policy, not a party first policy, like Bob Menendez.”

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