Let’s Roll! Two Out of Three New Yorkers Like Bike Lanes

How about some rainbow colored lanes? (Getty)

Well, that ought to end the debate about bike lanes, even if former defender Bill de Blasio has become a skeptic. That would put him in the minority, as that numbers continue to climb in favor of the new bike byways crisscrossing the city. Last time we checked, it was a supermajority who liked bike lanes. Now, two out of three New Yorkers like bike lanes, according to The Times, no less, which has not always been a fan. And the gray lady makes a pretty emphatic point about it, too.

When asked simply whether the bike lanes were a good idea or a bad idea, 66 percent of New Yorkers said they were a good idea, according to a new poll by The New York Times. A majority in all boroughs said they thought the lanes were a good idea, with support highest in Manhattan.

Twenty-seven percent of residents called the lanes a bad idea, and 7 percent had no opinion or did not answer.

The poll results suggest that residents have gradually become accustomed to bike lanes, which have been frequent targets of tabloid ire and are already emerging as a flash point in the 2013 mayoral race.

Those tabloid schmucks! Isn’t it fun to pretend like you’re not a guilty party?

No wonder everybody is bitching about bike share, too. It would appear people are actually eager to get out there and ride. And now that we have the perfect helmet, what more do you need? Let’s Roll! Two Out of Three New Yorkers Like Bike Lanes