Malcolm Smith, Laughing, Claims He’s Serious About Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne performing in New York City. (Photo: Getty)

State Senator Malcolm Smith continued his crusade against Dwayne Carter, better known as Lil Wayne, for his distaste for New York City on Hot 97 this morning.

During an interview on The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Morning Show, the hosts poked fun and grilled him on his advocacy on the topic. Mr. Carter had said, “I don’t like New York,” which Mr. Smith felt was insulting to all New Yorkers.

“We were speculating here that you may have gotten involved in this because of the attention you could have gotten out of it,” one of the questioners inquired. “Don’t lie senator, were you more popping yesterday than any other day previously?”

Mr. Smith replied with an elongated “Noooooo,” laughing the whole while.

“You hear that? That’s the slap of a man winning! It’s like that!” the host interjected.

“That’s the way it is! Muh!” the hosts added in unison.

“You can’t throw that on me like that, come on!” Mr. Smith exclaimed.

The hosts also took Mr. Smith to task for claiming hip hop was born in Queens, when it actually originated in the Bronx, and the likelihood that Mr. Carter would ever honor his call to apologize to New York City.

“It would also be a wonderful thing if he spent next summer at Oxford becoming a Rhodes Scholar, but that’s never going to happen either.”

Listen below:

Malcolm Smith on HOT 97

Malcolm Smith, Laughing, Claims He’s Serious About Lil Wayne