Man Builds Spaceship House To Prove Ex-Girlfriend Wrong

The house. (The New York Times)

Many of us, in the wake of a failed romantic relationship, are guilty of a little vindictive self-betterment. Exercising more, diving into our careers, buying flattering new clothes—all in the hopes of causing an ex to weep the bitter tears of regret.

One man, still smarting from a break-up some forty years earlier, has built a spaceship house in Puerto Rico to show his college girlfriend just how wrong she was about him, The New York Times reports. And he doesn’t even like spaceships!

Roberto Sanchez Rivera, the builder of the house, got the idea for a spaceship house as a teenager, after seeing a house that looked like a boat. An artistic, dreamy student from a poor family, he wooed the woman with love notes decorated with drawings of UFOs, telling her that one day he would build a house that looked like a UFO.

But the woman broke it off after three months; her mother told Mr. Rivera that it was because she thought he would never amount to anything in life.

Rather than indulging in a little crying and too much drinking and getting on with things, Mr. Rivera decided that he would show the woman up by building his spaceship house: a kind of reverse, revenge-inspired Taj Mahal.

He considered suicide, he told The Times, but thought better of it, deciding: “No, I’m going to show her, this person, I’m going to work that much harder to show her who I am.”

He studied fine arts and industrial design, giving himself the skills to design and build much of the house, and he even picked a location that would be visible from the highway (and hence to the ex-girlfriend).

“He wanted to do it in a certain spot, so that if she were to travel she would see it day in and day out and regret those words,” the man’s current girlfriend told The Times.

Not even marriage to another woman slackened the man’s appetite for revenge (his marriage ended in divorce—wonder why!). Crazier still, the plan worked. At least according to Mr. Rivera, who would not reveal the ex-girlfriend’s identity. The woman called him when he was building the structure. He gave her a tour of the unfinished space; she was so impressed that she wanted to get back together with him. But he wasn’t interested in her anymore. Sweet vindication!

The house is about following your dreams and proving all the doubters wrong, the man told The Times. We guess. Sort of?

Man Builds Spaceship House To Prove Ex-Girlfriend Wrong